Donnerstag, 8. November 2007

Destination Liverpool

Destination Liverpool was an intergenerational arts project funded by the Liverpool Capital of Culture. In summer 2005, a group of young people created a play and a film based on their dreams and the stories they collected in interviews with elderly people in Liverpool. In workshops with an artist the elderly people created art works reflecting their memories. In a performance-exhibition the art works were exhibited and the young people performed their piece containing music, film and drama.
A brochure recording some of the collected stories was published, you can order a copy by emailing:

 Sunday, 24 July, 2005, 15:48 GMT 16:48 UK 
Drama bridges city generation gap
Young and old people are joining up to capture Liverpool's memories in an exhibition and theatre performance.Destination Liverpool will look at the past experiences of the elderly who will produce an art exhibition while the young will do a drama production.
Workshops start on Monday and run until 5 August in St Bride's Church, Toxteth.
The youngsters will discuss the history of Liverpool docks and explore their own dreams as part of the project, said its manager Alicia Banffy.
Ms Banffy said: "People of all ages can identify with the history of Liverpool, the older people will be remembering their first hand experiences, and the younger people will be interviewing them and bringing the memories to life in a more physical way with drama.
'Generation gap'
"Young people will also work in their hopes and dreams into the performance so both sides will learn a lot about other generations."
A documentary will also be made about the build up and performance.
The initiative is part of the cultural ferment in the city leading up to its year as European Capital of Culture 2008 and is backed by the Liverpool Culture Company's Creative Communities initiative.
"Often culture can bring great insight into the so-called generation gap, and this project shows how an innovative approach can be used to bring different age groups together," said Professor Drummond Bone, Chairman of Liverpool Culture Company.