Montag, 3. September 2012

Research Project Community Music - Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Muenchen

September 2012 - March 2013
Collaboration on the Research Project Community Music: How can the concept of community music be applied to the German music education context?
Management, development and implementation of an international symposium hosted by the university, 21. - 23.02.2013 in Munich: "Community music and music pedagogy: collaborations, intersections, and new perspectives."
Lecturing with Lee Higgins of the module: Music Project Management for primary school student teachers and music education students.
Research assistance to Prof. Dr. Lee Higgins.

Evaluation research paper for Curious Minds

May 2011 - October 2011
Alicia is writing an evaluation research paper of the West Cheshire Creative Partnerships Enquiry Programme.
For the past two years Curious Minds has worked with the University of Chester and schools in Cheshire on projects that involved trainee teachers on their 2nd year teaching placements and external settings such as Delamere Forest, Action Transport Theatre, Rangers, Catalyst Science Discovery Centre etc. working together on an enquiry question of the school. The research will involve interviews with students, creative agents, Curious Minds directors and programme manager, University staff and teachers.

She is examining:
- the partnership between the University of Chester and Curious Minds and its impact on future teachers;
- how the work influenced trainee teachers and their approach to future teaching and learning;
- the benefits for trainee teachers of observing well-established teaching staff adapting their ways of working
- the benefits for trainee teachers of observing and taking part in partnership working
- the benefits for trainee teachers of linking a standard setting placement ( with a non-standart setting placement through action research
- how learning outside the classroom can impact on pupils' learning and teachers' practise;
- what benefits the programme had for the teachers;

Curious Minds Enquiry School Legacy Network

tuesday, february 22 2011
Alicia has delivered a session in collaboration with the dancer Gaynor McHugh on using music and movement in primary schools to teachers and head teachers who have been part of the Creative Partnerships Enquiry School Programme. The day focussed on current research in creativity in early years and current practise, and gave participants the opportunity to exchange ideas and to get inspired by workshops with three artists (visual arts, dance and music).

The blog of this network is available on:

Curious Minds

2010 - 2011
Alicia will be working for a third year as a creative agent for Curious Minds, supporting seven schools to incorporate learning for creativity in their curriculum. Each school works with Alicia on developing their own unique enquiry question that helps them to change an aspect of their school culture and practise. The enquiry question has been developed based on the school's needs, with further input of the creative agent, pupils, teachers, senior leadership team and artists.

Notre Dame Catholic College is working with a drama practitioner on:
In what way can teachers promote transferable skills by establishing cross curricular connections?

King David High School is working with two film makers and a specialist in research skills on:
How do pupils learn best in the new BSF building?

Sutton Green Primary School is working with the education officer of a forest on:
How can we use the outdoors to develop maths and to inspire writing skills in Year 3?

Acresfield Primary School is working with the education officer of a forest on:
How can we best use our outdoor environment to improve pupil's writing and to develop a writing area outside?

De La Salle Secondary School is working with two film makers on:
Does documentary film making develop boys empathy and understanding of different cultures?

Archbishop Beck Secondary School is working with a storyteller/barrister and a drama practitioner on:
How can we develop speaking and listening skills through drama, debating and film making?

St. John Bosco is working with an educational consultant and a community musician on:
How can we turn three separate subjects (RE, History and PHSE) into an integrated curriculum in the context of PELTS?

PSS - Music and Movement workshops

January 2010 - April 2010
From January - April 2010 Alicia will return to the PSS Centre to lead music and movement workshops for parents and toddlers. The project is funded by the Liverpool City Council to promote more movement in families.

Curious Minds Merseyside

September 2009 - July 2010
Alicia is working for another year as a Creative Agent in four schools for Curious Minds, formerly Creative Partnerships Merseyside. She is working with the schools to develop a culture of learning for creativity.
More about Curious Minds on: