Dienstag, 8. Juli 2014

Runder Tisch Musik

On the 23rd of May the Department of Cultural Education hosted the first Round Table Music for practitioners and organisation who work in the field of music education in Munich. I was invited to co-host the day, in collaboration with the director of education of the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra (Simone Siwek) and the Youth Centre Quax (Florian Knappick). I lead an exercise about the principles of cultural education (for example participation, accessiblity, diversity) and briefly introduced my research project on community music in Munich.

Sonntag, 20. April 2014

Fresh eyes on music

Article published in the Community Music Journal: Sound Sense/ Sounding BoardDecember 1, 2013
You never know a place so well as when you leave it. Alicia de Banffy-Hall and Martin Milner describe lessons for community music and music education from their experiences in other places and settings.
You can download the whole article here.

Moderation Diskussion Kreativquartier München


January 2014
I was invited to moderate a discussion between the director of the Munich Planning Council, the director of the Munich Arts Council, representatives of the council, local politicians and a cooperative of artists (Labor München), to resolve a conflict regarding the temporary use of empty buildings and the long term strategy for arts and culture in this soon to be regenerated area in Munich.

Music and Movement Workshops at the Münchner Waisenhaus

March 2014

I am leading music and movement workshops with children agend 0 - 4, who live in temporary care at the Munich Waisenhaus.